What Kinds of Foods and Drinks you should avoid?

November 9, 2018

You would be required to avoid some kinds of foods. These would be popularly called as discretionary foods. It would be inclusive of fast food and junk food such as potato chips, hot chips, pies, dim sums, pizza and burgers. It would also be inclusive of chocolate, biscuits, doughnuts, cakes, pastries and lollies.

Such kinds of foods have been deemed higher in salt, sugar and saturated fat. It would also be low in nutrients and fiber. Most of the foods mentioned above would be inclusive of bad fats that could increase the risk of obesity along with several conditions such as type-2 diabetes.

You should ensure to avoid sweet drinks such as flavored milk, soft drinks, flavored waters, sports drinks, cordials and fruit juice. Sweet drinks have been low in nutrients and high in sugar. Such drinks would cause weight gain, tooth decay and obesity. Moreover, such kinds of drinks would be filling you up and make you less hungry for healthy foods. In event of you starting on these kinds of drinks at a relatively young age, Tyler Grasham believes it could be the beginning of an unhealthy lifelong habit.

Foods and drinks having caffeine are certainly not recommended for you. It would stop your body from absorbing calcium. Caffeine has also been deemed as a stimulant. It would provide you with artificial energy. Such foods and drinks would be inclusive of chocolate, energy drinks, tea and coffee.

Healthy alternatives for desserts and snacks

You should look forward to choosing snacks from the healthy food groups. It would be inclusive of things such as fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat yoghurt, cheese and nuts. A good example would be carrot and celery sticks.

It could also be said for dessert at the end of the meal. Tyler Grasham believes yoghurt or sliced fruit to be the healthiest option.