Top Three Benefits of Using Uniform Laundry Services  

October 26, 2018

As a business owner, you already know the benefits of having your employees wear uniforms. It gives them a professional appearance both to customers and co-workers. Wearing uniforms also sends a message that everyone is working together as a team for a common goal.

However, the uniforms must remain in sharp, clean condition for your company and employees to reap the benefits from them. Uniform laundry services are ideal because you simply send off the uniforms and receive them back clean, folded, and pressed. This is just one of several benefits available to your company when you choose to outsource uniform cleaning.

Compliance with OSHA and Other Requirements

When you decide to use uniform laundry services, you know that the service provider will follow all applicable laws for commercial laundry cleaning. Most American businesses are subject to laws from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) as well as potential federal, state, and local regulations. This applies to uniforms as well as other types of business textiles.

Your business could be subject to large fines when employees wash their own uniforms or you hire someone to do it on site. That is because they’re unlikely to be aware that laundering must take place in a specific way to ensure regulatory compliance.

Financial Savings

It’s an expensive undertaking to purchase a commercial-sized wash machine and clothes dryer as well as repair and maintain them. You also need to consider the cost of laundry detergent and paying someone to complete the laundry and maintain the machines. Your money would be better spent outsourcing the job to a company that specializes in uniform cleaning.

Environmental Concerns

In addition to OSHA and other government bodies requiring commercial laundry to be washed a certain way, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also regulates this process. If you choose to have an on-site laundromat, you need to be conscious of the waste water that it produces and how that impacts your local environment. Companies that operate corporate laundry services are well aware of EPA regulations and how to follow them. They have procedures in place to eliminate waste and preserve environmental resources at the same time.

Improved Employee Productivity

Employees probably wouldn’t appreciate hearing that they have to use their own resources of a wash machine, dryer, laundry soap, and water at home to keep their uniforms clean. It also adds one more thing to their to-do list when they are away from work. When employees know this is taken care of for them, they don’t have to give it a second thought and can simply focus on their jobs. You also don’t have to worry about pulling employees to help with laundry duty should that become necessary.