Tips To Score Good Marks In Maths Exam

January 8, 2019

Maths is one of the most important subjects that every student has to learn in their school life. It is not only important in the field of education but also plays an important role in our day to day life. It is an important subject for those students who aspire to become an engineer. For some, maths can be hard and boring, whereas fun for others. If this subject is prepared with continual efforts and proper preparation pattern then students will definitely score well in the exams.

Here are some important tips to score good marks in maths exam:

  1. Refer more books including the class notes, NCERT solutions, and other textbooks to strengthen the basics.
  2. Students can learn Trigonometry and other math-related formulas easily and quickly by solving more problems and different types of questions on the same formulas.
  3. Students are always recommended to understand the model of a problem and solve more problems by themselves to be thorough in the different concepts.
  4. Always maintain a separate book for all the formula and Theorems. By doing these, students can practice them on a regular basis and also during the leisure time.
  5. Practice more previous year questions papers and sample papers as it helps in having a clear view of the exam pattern and the marking scheme.
  6. Avoid memorizing the construction steps or the derived formulas as it will not fetch anything. Therefore, learn and understand how to construct a triangle and understand how the area of a triangle and other solid figures are derived by referring more solved examples.

These were a few important and easy preparation tips to score good marks in CBSE maths exam. Along with all these tips, a daily practice also results in a better score rather than practicing for hours together or a week before the exams.

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