Thinking About Couples Counselling? Here’s What You Need To Do First

May 23, 2019

Every couple in the world has gone through many ups and downs, and it’s a common thing to experience when you are in a relationship. People go through different phases in their lives, and that’s a part of being an individual within a committed relationship. One of the things that couples in long term relationship do is to compromise and understand each other through proper communication. However, that is not always the case for other couples, especially those in new or complicated relationships.

Still, when a relationship is starting to get rocky, there are many different ways to handle it, including getting yourselves into a professional counselling. But if you’re new and nervous towards the whole ordeal or you want to ensure the right way to do it, there are other things you could do first.

  • Do Some Soul Searching

Before you can work out something between two people, it’s usually best to think about each other as individuals first. Most of the time, people in relationships have underlying issues with themselves, and it then affects the relationship. So before you schedule your couple’s counselling, consider doing some soul searching first. Depending on how big the issues are, you can get professional services on individual counselling like Colleen Hurll, or you could travel and get away for a couple of days.

  • Don’t Let It Linger

Most couples wait too long until they realise they need help, and by that time, the relationship is almost unsalvageable. So, if you think there is a problem you can’t handle yourselves, consider going to an expert marriage Counselling Bella Vista by Colleen Hurll before it’s all too late. Having a professional mediator can help balance the equation and voice out issues you and your other half may be afraid to say.

  • Find A Counselor You’re Comfortable With

When you finally decide to schedule an appointment with a counsellor, make sure that you look for someone credible and you are both comfortable with. It’s important that your counsellor is someone you can freely talk to and trust so you can make good progress along the way. It’s like when you need a dentist for Pittsburgh Dental Implants and Periodontics; you’ll want to find someone who you’re comfortable with and not only because they’re the most convenient option.

  • Ask Your Counselor’s Take On Marriage

There are counsellors for saving a marriage or a relationship, and there are those who work with couples because it’s mandatory for an annulment or divorce case. So, before you lock in a counsellor and book the rest of your sessions, ask whether he or she is for or against marriage in the first place. That way, our counsellor can better help you work on your issues.

  • Seek Support

Going through counselling can be a tough time, and it’s important that you have enough support from friends and family that understand you and the situation. Don’t be afraid to ask them to give you some space or, if you find it an uncomfortable topic, avoid talking about the therapy. If they love you, they’ll do as you asked and respect that.

Final Word

While couples counselling is usually one of the final options, it’s not the only one left. However, if you and your other half need the help, don’t wait until it’s too late.