Many Types of Blackjack That Can Be Played on the Online Casino

February 1, 2019

Blackjack is called the 21st game, which means that the player must have a total of 21 or nearly 21 hand cards. If the cards are worth 21, you are already a winner without looking at the cards of the rest of the players. But, if the total number of cards is more than 21, the player loses the round of play, but if they are less than 21, the player’s cards must be more than the total number of cards distributor to be a winner of the blackjack tour. And online casino makes it fun!

Blackjack rules

To know how to play Blackjack you must be familiar with the following rules:

  • The total number of cards does not reach more than 21, and if the player loses the round of play;
  • The value of one Ace card is correct or 11 depending on the player’s decision;
  • Photo cards are rated at 10;
  • The rest of the cards from 1 to 9 are worth the number your carry.

The dealer distributes 2 cards to each player, one of which is open and the other covered. If the player is lucky and has 2 cards with the Ace and the picture, he wins the blackjack immediately and gets the best value one and a half times the original bet.


Player does not receive the same cards. The player on cards less than 21 continues to order more cards in each round if they do not exceed 21, and the same for the distributor if his cards are less than 16 continues to draw but if you reach 17 must stop drawing.

There are many blackjack games that are famous in certain countries. The most important types of black jack are:

  • European Blackjack

Four cards are used to play this type of game. The player can buy insurance if the dealer has an Ace card. If the player wins, the casino will play 2:3 profits and the bets will be placed after the cards are distributed of games in most online casino sites, whether blackjack is free or with real money.

  • Big Five Black Jack

Five cards are used to play this type and the player can split the hand if there are two similar cards in the player’s hand.

  • Super Fun 21(Super Fun 21)

This kind of the easiest and simplest types, in this type begins to put the bets before the distribution of cards.