How Your Event Planner Should Work With Your Event Caterer

November 27, 2018

One of the most common mistakes that those who host events are not facilitating the communication with the event planner and the event caterer. The event planner is going to be in charge of the entire event from top to bottom including the attendees and event flow. Meanwhile, you have the northern Virginia caterers that will provide the event with the food, beverage, and possibly equipment. When these two entities do not work alongside each other, then there will be clashes that can cause the entire event to fall apart due to the lack of coordination with the two most important pieces.

Delegating Responsibilities

Before you proceed with anything else, you should find out what the event planner can and will handle then compare those to what the event caterer can and will handle. If there are any clashes with their responsibilities, make sure that you delegate those to the one that you think will be more effective with the task. If you believe that the event planner may be overextending by trying to take care of the decor and seating arrangement, you should delegate those responsibilities to the caterer. On the other side of it, you shouldn’t leave too many responsibilities to your caterer as some can be handled by the planner.

If the responsibilities are delegated properly, the event will go a lot more smoothly. Preparation will be done without anybody stepping over their boundaries because they know what they need to handle. Any clashes should be remedied early on by you acting as the middleman in those conversations. Ultimately, it is up to you what the final decision will be on many things. Your input will be required, but you should stick to the distribution of tasks as much as possible so you can oversee which worker is excelling more with their responsibilities. Identifying this can help you plan any adjustments that you may have in mind to ensure that the event is a success.


The entire flow of your event should be seamless. That means that the event planner should outline the transportation while getting input from you and the Northern Virginia caterers. A good example would be a guest arriving at the designated event location and being introduced to some snacks from the get-go. This will only be possible if all entities that are in charge of the event work together to achieve seamlessness. Different industries have different jargon so you should take some time to learn them. Doing so can help you avoid a lot of headaches when trying to communicate with industry experts.

Time Constraints

If you are working within a deadline, then you should inform both your event planner and event caterer. Inform them how important it is to achieve every phase of the event preparation and when it should be done. If sacrifices are to be made, then they should be introduced early on so there is no feeling of being rushed to make ill decisions. When everything is said and done, the success of your event is still going to be partially attributed to the staff involved.

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