How To Improve the Performance Of Your Car’s Air Conditioner

January 19, 2019

Imagine you’re going on a road trip on a bright summer day. You’re enjoying the freedom you have while you’re away from the hustles of everyday life. But halfway through your escapade, you notice that your car’s air conditioner is not giving off that cool air that you need. Isn’t it a frustrating scenario whenever your Mercedes climate control unit is not functioning well? Read on if you want to know how to improve the performance of your vehicle’s air conditioning unit.

How Your Car’s A/C Unit Works

Your car’s air conditioning system works the same way like the one you have in your house. Working under the principles of evaporation, condensation, heat compression and expansion, the A/C unit is the one responsible for keeping your car literally cool and reducing its humidity or moisture content.

The process begins with the compressor pumping refrigerant vapor to the condenser. The vapor pumped under high pressure is then turned into a liquid that moves to the small reservoir vessel called the receiver. After removing moisture from this part of the A/C system, it then flows to the expansion valve for it to become a low-pressure refrigerant vapor. As the refrigerant vaporizes, it absorbs the heat present in the passenger compartment. The cycle begins again as the compressor draws in the low-pressure refrigerant vapor.

Factors Affecting A/C Unit Efficiency

Notice something’s off with your Mercedes climate control unit? These things could be affecting this unit’s performance:

Lack of refrigerant

Leaking refrigerant

High temperature

Dirt accumulation on the components of the system

Make the Most of Your A/C Unit

If you want to make your Mercedes climate control unit cooler, check out these important tips:

Set to a low temperature. A typical A/C unit cools down to 38 degrees. Any temperature higher than this will prompt your whole system to burn more fuel just to re-heat the air in your car’s interior. The best advice would be to go low and simply supplement the cool air by adjusting your fan. This will also be efficient for your car’s A/C unit.

Avoid pre-cooling your car. Contrary to what people usually do, you should not pre-cool your car. It would be better for you to make use of your A/C unit once the engine starts. This way, your system’s compressor can work more effectively.

Regularly clean your cabin air filter. The air from your A/C systems is purified by the cabin air filter before it flows into your passenger compartment. To maintain its performance, regularly clean this part of your car and remove the dirt and dust that have accumulated.

Inspect the amount of freon gas in your system. Low amount of freon gas or refrigerant will translate to poor cooling performance from your A/C unit. Hence, it’s a must to check the freon gas level of your car from time to time.

Don’t overlook the importance of a heat reflective glass. Too much exposure to sun can transfer too much heat into your car’s interior. To prevent this from happening, invest on things like a heat reflective glass.

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