How Often Can I Apply Revolution to My Cat

February 24, 2019

With the easy exposure to fleas that gives birth to heartworm disease in your pets, it’s important to provide proper medication at regular interval of time and prevent these diseases from affecting your pet. Dogs and cats are the two most common pet animals which are adopted by human beings.

Heartworm is generally originated through the process of hatching of eggs which are left on the skin of cat by fleas. The adult fleas feed on the eggs on their skin and the flea eggs undergo hatching process that develops heartworm disease. Revolution is one of the highly recommended medicines which is provided to your cat at regular interval of time.

Revolution for cats prevents the growth of such parasites from affecting your cat and keeps them protected during the odd season. But here comes the important question as for when and how you should give revolution to your cats?

Whom you should give revolution medication?

According to the vet prescription, the dogs above six weeks of age can be given this solution. Similarly, the cats above eight weeks of age can undergo this medication. However, in each case, you should consult the veterinary doctor before using it for your pet.

How often can you use revolution?

To get better results, you should apply the revolution every four weeks. But under vet prescription, you can use it more often. However, you should make sure not to use it within every 14 days in the kitchen and 7 days in cats. In case you have more than one cat, you should apply the solution to all of them in order to keep them protected.

In many cases, it has been observed that you stop applying it during the winters. Instead, you should never stop it as it will protect the cats even in winter season.

In terms of its effectiveness, you can easily experience the positive results within 36 hours of its use.

Warning for Revolution Usage:

Not for Humans: There is no doubt that in most of the cases it has been found that pets and humans have almost similar health issues, but in terms of medication, both are different. The revolution is not one of those solutions that can be used for human beings against any parasite infection. In such a situation you will have other medicines available for human beings.

Also, you need to keep it away from the children as it is not developed for human beings.

Not for Sick/Underweight Animals: Another filter comes in terms of sick and underweight animals. If your cat/dog is underweight or is not healthy, its recommended to skip this medicine and get vet prescription before any action.

So, if you own a pet and is worried about the parasite infection in your cat, you can read this article thoroughly and understand the right and wise use of revolution. But made sure in each and every situation, you should consult a vet to validate the presence of adult heartworms in your cat.