How doula has the edge over the partner in understanding mother:

February 18, 2019

In this rapidly changing world, we all might come across the term “doula.” A doula is a word from Greek, meaning caregiver. Most people get it wrong by assuming that doula is meant to take care of their newborn baby. But in reality, a doula does mothering of a mother. A doula ensures proper emotional support to the couple before, during and after the childbirth. A good doula tries to establish a good relationship with the mother, which eventually creates unbreakable trust. Then, the mother can share anything with doula with a strong belief that she will understand her. Doulas are professionally trained women, sometimes even a mother too. They understand the couple better than anybody else and help them in getting a satisfying birth experience possible.

How much a doula makes:

The earnings of a doula highly depend on their skills and the area they are working in. Recent surveys suggest that a postpartum doula can make an average salary of $70,000 per year by working 40-45 hours per week. However, a doula salary depends mainly on their skills and their client’s reviews. A postpartum doula easily makes $20-25 per hour by working in a small town.

Their support is crucial during labor time:

Women prefer doula to be with them during the time of delivery. A study suggests that people, who had hired a doula, didn’t need a caesarean section to give birth to the baby. The use of vacuum and forceps also gets diminished by having a doula in Operation Theater. Labour pain is considered to be the most painful of all the pains and women request to have some pain medication. However, it has been seen that with the encouragement of a doula, women do not require pain medications.