Heat exchangers – why we need them

December 20, 2018

Heat exchangers and process cooling technology

A heat exchanger is a tool that permits smooth transmission of heat from one source to another. It is commonly used in air conditioning, power plants, refrigeration, chemical plants and sewage treatment. The high-temperature exchanger has turned out to be an innovative device that has developed industrial processes and manufacturing significantly. Big companies are capitalizing in this machinery, as it can assist in cutting down on costs, therefore, increasing business growth. Below are some of the advantages of having temperature exchangers:

  • It is affordable

Due to the improvement of technology, newer forms are accessible almost immediately. The heat exchangers market is very competitive hence prices are extremely low. The common public can definitely have enough money to buy them.

  • It is easy to maintain

The equipment is also easy to maintain. It does not rust easily and is long lasting. Replacing spoilt parts is also easy, it is simply a DIY job.

  • It is safe

The heating devices are secure and safe to use. There is no burning in the devices hence dangerous chemicals are inevitably removed. It delivers clean air that is free of impurities.

  • They have multiple uses

High-temperature exchangers are used in multiple ways. They may be used in public households and industrial processing. The coolant that is used in the radiator oils of a vehicle engine is a good example of a heat exchange development. Also, nuclear amenities and petroleum plants also use the same heaters.

Process cooling technology

To give a thought-provoking analogy, your heat exchanger and cooling tower is what the heart and lungs are to the body; when any of the two is not working well, it affects all other sections of the body and your health goes down. Likewise, when your heat exchanger and cooling tower is not clean, the heat exchange process will not work well, and the health of the production and process cooling system goes down.

What is Process Water Cooling?

It is water that comes into contact with an industrial procedure, a phase during the process, it could be at the raw material period, or when the process or production is completed.do you want to know more about heat exchangers? Well, read more to find out what they entail of.

Why we need heat exchangers:

Condensers and evaporators require good care to guarantee performance at the best level. If these tools are not well maintained, many serious problems could happen. Fouling arises when artificially made impurities go in and build up, this decreases the heat transfer constant. Scaling happens when impurities that are found naturally build up. These two difficulties are very controllable as long as they can be identified early enough, it is therefore vital for your systems to get cleaned each and every year.


Inside industries where water machinery is used frequently, where you find the process water cooling being used on a large scale, then purchasing the right process cooling equipment is very vital, since it is a legal obligation and also because it is for the greater good of the workers of the plant and the environment in general. Energy efficient heat-exchangers are the ideal tools for use at homes or in industries. They are expertly designed and are capable of fulfilling all your heating needs.