Don’t You Want to Know who is on the Other Line?

November 27, 2018

About how many phone calls would you say you get on a weekly basis?

If you are like many people out there, you get a fair amount of calls each week.

While many of these incoming calls are from those you know, others can be strangers. Yes, some of those are the dreaded unwanted sales calls. They try to get you to buy any number of products and services.

That said do you get frustrated when calls come in but no messages are left behind?

If so, wouldn’t you like to know who is on the other line?

Online Research Can Yield Clues

If you have a burning desire to find out who is on the other end, you can start your search by turning to the Internet.

In going online, you move closer to find the owner of any phone number.

The reason for this is because there are companies out there to help you in this endeavor.

With the right technology, you are better able to track down the one calling from any numbers out there. Once you do, you can decide if you want to take their call at some point or even block them if necessary.

So, what would be some of the more common calls you might not want coming your way on a regular basis?

These would include:

  1. Sales calls – Do you already get enough sales pitches sent your way on a regular basis? If so, why would you want even more heaped on your plate week after week? Even with rules put in place some years ago to reduce such a problem, some calls still get through. Your name on a do not call list is not always going to be a 100 percent guarantee you will have shield from sales calls.
  2. Former employees – What happens as a business owner you’ve had to let someone go by either firing or laying them off? Often, the former employee will move on and they will be history. That said some choose not to go away. When this happens, they may end up calling you or your company for a while. They might even have someone else do the calling to get under your skin. Being able to determine where the calls come from and who is behind them is important. When an employee won’t go quietly, you may well have to take action.
  3. Someone you dated – Finally, having trouble of getting a relationship in the past to stay in the past? Someone you dated may not want things to be over for one reason or another. As a result, they may be calling you on a continual basis. They might also rely on family or friends to bother you over the phone. Finding out from whom and where these calls are coming from is important. If things do not stop at some point, you may need to take some legal action as in the case of former employees too.

When that phone of yours keeps ringing, do your best to find out who is on the other end.