Does a good sex life increase the chance of being successful?

January 14, 2019

The unexplainable connection of the one you have a longing for, the intimacy all the feelings for someone who drives you crazy could die or could also be affected if you are in too much stress. You may even feel at a point of your life as if you are too tired for sex even, that you had seen and been through enough.

It may act as an obstacle in the path of your success. The lack of intimacy, the less desire to have sex can increase the complications you already are facing. In fact, it is true that sex and success both are correlated. If you have a healthy sex life then you will be positive and tackle stress in a more efficient manner.

Sex and success do play a vital role in relieving stress which gives you the solution of too tired for stress. Unless and until you won’t communicate and initiate you will not get a solution.

Why is it still hard to talk about sex when it helps you in achieving success?

In many countries still, people find it quite shameful to talk about sex, physical intimacy. Before knowing the reasons for the same, let us understand how sex and success are related to each other.

  1. At the top of your creativity: It releases a hormone called endorphins and few more which acts as a mood booster. It is obvious to say that when you are in a good mood, you will work efficiently. You will treat others more politely resulting in better functioning of yourself. If you are calm and composite, then you can easily work up your way to success.
  1. Medication for stress: Loneliness, depression may consume you, impacting your professional life. In some way sex makes us feel loved and important. It acts as a meditation or a medication for stress.
  1. Healthier and wealthier: It lowers the risk of heart attacks, reduces stress level, makes you more effective as well as you get a good night sleep.

The answer of the awkwardness one feel while talking about sex can be because of:

Lack of sex education: It has been directly or indirectly taught to everyone that talking about sex especially publically is a shameful thing to do. One may fear criticism or fear negative judgment. The information given about it should be accurate.

So in conclusion, we can easily say that a good and healthy sex life is very important for a stress-free life.