Budget Travel Tips While You Are on Vacation Trip to Athens

October 30, 2018

Athens is the capital of Greece. You will be impressed to witness the fantastic architecture, various parks, museums and restaurants. People too are loveable and you will remember their friendly and kindness nature for pretty long time.

In order to save money during food tour Athens we are providing you few budget travel tips here.

  • How to travel to and from airport

First opportunity to save some euros will be when you land in the airport. The main city is 33 km away from the airport. Taxi or cab charges are pretty high so prefer public transport like metro or bus, which will be almost 4 to 6 times cheaper than taxi charges. Buses run 24 hours and metros are available till midnight.

  • Prefer to eat street food

As soon as you enter into city, you will smell of different kinds of foods that are served on the street. By spending little amount of money, you can eat chicken or pork items which is packed with bread, crème and yogurt sauce and served with French fries and fresh vegetables.

  • Avail discounts while visiting museums

There are museums to visit in Athens as there are plenty of Greek cultural treasures to see. If you visit during winter season from November to April, then the entry fee is reduced. Also, students can avail discounts if they can produce their student ID.

  • All drinks are not cheap

There are plenty of café and bars at Athens and people also love to chat and drink. You can get cappuccino or squeezed pomegranate juice from any street vendor at a cheaper rate. Alcoholic beverage can be quite expensive. If you are budget conscious then buy local wine or a bottle of beer.