Alert: Bad Dolls No Good

January 20, 2019

You know business is decent when the crowds in the market take an interest in your wares. And you know business is good when people are rushing in to buy your product and you need to take stock and keep an inventory just to keep tabs of the money flowing in and out. What more? Baby, business is booming when the scammers take an interest to shingle that money right out of the people’s pocket.

It’s a fair way to say that the only reason scammers take to the consumers is because the product is selling like hot cakes and the market is lucrative. Not everyone is able enough to be an intelligent customer and perhaps even the best of us make a bad decision from time to time. Think about those many knockoffs of those infamous rock shirts, Chuck Taylor shoes, Gucci bags and Versace envy. That hit the spot, right? Bet a lot of the folks didn’t know the difference till they reached home, or worse, somebody had to shed some light on their naivety.

Don’t make that mistake!

Lately scammers have been fleecing unsuspecting customers of their hard earned money and hurting the doll market in the worst of ways possible. In fact in the last few years millions of dollars’ were lost in the gamble and unfortunately hundreds of thousands of such cases have gone unnoticed.

Here are a few leads to help you out if you are planning for an epic Valentine’s gift dedicated only to you.

For starters, Love Dolls in majority is mainly on the electronic commercial platforms with human contact and interaction kept in the little or none. Don’t believe that you can waltz over to somewhere and pick up your new companion just like that. Chances are it’s a used doll and they just got the better of you.

Research the real doll shop, the maker and the doll. When you are done, research more and take a good look at the details. The latest scams that have hit the online world are off quality dolls which are damaged, exaggerated or worse counterfeit.

Ask questions. As many questions as possible because only a legitimate shop would be ever ready with an answer, they have been in this for the long haul.

And last but not the least – pay by card or PayPal as it promises the foolproof recovery option.