9 Tips How To Stick To A Budget For Your Corporate Party

November 3, 2018

Being the person in charge of planning and organizing the next corporate party is a lot of pressure. The company CFO does not want to spend too much on the event and the guests are all expecting something amazing. This is a task that can be ruined by one small mistake during the planning phase. Although a challenge, it is not impossible to stick to a budget. Simply follow these party planning tips:

1 – List All Expenses

Prepare a list of the necessary expenses for the event. Make sure to account for possible added fees to ensure you do not go over budget.

2 – Start Early

There are many venues and corporate party catering companies that offer early bird discounts for event planners that book their services long before the scheduled date.

3 – Consider Different Options

Don’t just book the first venue and catering you find, take time to compare prices to find the best value. Also, don’t choose options that are the cheapest without knowing more about the company or the venue as this can lead to a lot of disappointments.

4 – Look For Sponsors

Contact clients or partners that your company has a good relationship with. Ask if they are willing to sponsor something for the event to cut down the expenses. Of course, you will have to promote their business as part of the sponsorship deal.

5 – Refrain From Impulse Decisions

It is easy to get caught up in the rush of event planning, but don’t make decisions on the spot. Think about every expense you are about to make and weigh all the pros and cons before paying for anything.

6 – Cut Food Waste

Talk to a trusted corporate party catering business about their menu and cut down on food waste. If it is possible to source everything locally, do so. Make sure to set the menu, the budget, and be clear that you are not willing to go beyond the agreed price.

7 – Track All Expenses

Every dollar spent adds up. Even if you only spent an extra $5 on cake toppers, this must be accounted for. If not, you can easily go over your budget without even knowing it.

8 – Recycle Past Decorations

Get creative and reuse some of the decorations you have in storage from previous parties. With a few crafty people helping you set up for the event, the old decorations will become something new and perhaps even impressive.

9 – Promote Via Social Media

There is no need to spend on physical invitations for the event. Use the power of social media to promote the party and to send invites. An e-vite is all the rage and costs nothing, make sure to ditch the printed invitations and go digital instead.

Throwing a successful corporate event on a budget can be done. Just be strict with your budget, stick to what’s on your must-need list, keep track of the expenses, and the event will be a blast without the risk of upsetting the company CFO.

Excellent corporate party catering can help you impress clients, close deals, and keep the workforce happy. Tap the services of Saint Germain Catering and we’ll make sure will help you meet your needs.